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My Earning Report

So below is the list of my income from starter to till date. I have just shared it as it might be an inspiration for starters. 
If you are a newbie to internet and are searching for ways to make money then listen anyone can make money but only thing is you need to know the correct way. There are many bloggers who are earning more than me, which are posted below. Most of them do it with Adsense as their primary stream or as one of their source of income.

I knoW that you tried or trying to earn online income but you also think about the questions listed below that stops you to even try for writing a blog or an article for earning money through online blogging.

How to make some money with internet?
How can I earn online income?
Is making money online real or fake?
How do people make six figures income online?
How much can one earn being online?

What are the genuine and trusted ways to make money online?

But forget all questions and doubts just view below report and if you still need any clarification then you may visit the my simplest blog for earning money.  

EARNING REPORT (Jan 2013 - Feb 2014)

 Blog (Article) Number
Date of Income
1st Blog 1st Income

Little Angelina
January 2013
1st Blog 3rd ArticleLittle Angelina$11.00March 2013
1st Blog 4th ArticleLittle Angelina$29.00April 2013
Blog SoldLittle Angelina$100.00May 2013
2nd Blog 1st ArticleLittle Angelina$95.75June 2013
2nd Blog 2nd ArticleLittle Angelina$144.00July 2013
Blog SoldLittle Angelina$250.00August 2013
3rd Blog 1st ArticleLittle Angelina$125.00September 2013
3rd Blog 2nd Article Little Angelina $280.00 October 2013
1st Youtube Channel Little Angelina $133.00 November 2013
Youtube + 4th Blog
Little Angelina $790.00 December 2013
First Four Figure Income Little Angelina $1,550.00 January 2014
4th Blog 2nd Article Little Angelina $3,100.00 February  2014

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