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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How To Get Ideas For Blogging From Other Bloggers

Whenever you decided to start blogging as your carrier then you must follow other blogger blogs just for an idea that how they become so famous with blogging as every blogger doing or did what for blogging when they were Newbie. You must think that "how to get ideas for blogging from other bloggers". As you know that every blogger had started with their first post and first blog in their carrier and they did not afraid whether their blogs would be appreciated or not but they tried and become so successful just because of their regular writeup about what they love. Because you can write effectively only if you love to write and the topic you choose shows your passion about writing. There are millions of billions blogs on sub-domain blogspot by google. As per google, you can create up to 100 blogs per account and it's not easy to tell about total number of blogs on Blogger, google have not disclosed it and it's a top secret of google yet. Now a days when blogging is some kind of making money through internet, people are engaging with blogging and techniques of blogging. There are 'n' number of reasons why people may consider online blogging is best for starting as a carrier.
  •     To express their thoughts and opinions

  •     To promote or market a product

  •     To help others or to help yourself

  •     To become famous

These are some of the more popular reasons why people from all over the world are starting their own blogs, every single day.

If you want to be successful then you must follow my own experience and learning techniques as mentioned in my post.

Ideas From Other Bloggers About Blogging

Before you start you must think and find answers about the questions written below and if you are unable to get answers then you must follow my techniques in search of answers. Just have a look on the questions:-
  •  How they start blogging

  •  How they communicate their message

  • What is the concept to attract others

  • How they start posting

  • What interval they set between every post

  • How many line or words are the average of their blog content

The above questions are the base for your new blog because these are the requirements for blogging as per my own blogging experience. Now if you seriously study and understand above questions in a way you love to read and if so then you may like to share this within your circle. Before start blogging, you must remember and follow some other useful and effective ways.

Is your blog content is new or unique?

Is your blog content different?

Is it unique in the way you express?

If you are able to give answer of all the three questions then I challenge you that no one can stop you for becoming a famous blogger and if you are opting for online earning then you will definitely be succeed.

All the Best for your First Blog....

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How To Make Six Figure Income Through Blogging In 2014

Everyone is willing to receive six figure income online with an easy manner but let me tell me that worst truth about the one who is trying to earn online with blogging. Earning six figure income is not as easy as one thinks or reads. It has lot of hard work, several stages of research, many failed attempts and several months of blogging along with top most factor which can not be ignored is 'Patience'. Many of us end up their blogging career because of lack of proper guidance, well knowledge of steps to follow for blogging. And they never know the fact that blogging is not an overnight business. 

People who now earn six figure income through their blogs were once one dollar earners or nothing at all, they never made such huge income within a day or month of their blogging career. To be very frank, till 2012 I was one of those who tried but failed in earning online money with blogging though I was trying since September 2010. In this post I have added a story of mine from failure to success which comes after Dec 2012 when I succeeded in getting three figure income with my blogs and other online media for earning money. I am adding few top working methods on how people make six figure income through blogging. You can check my earning which I earned online through blogging from one figure to 4 figures. My Earning Report

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Products or Services
  4. Freelance Writing
 Apart from these I am explaining few more methods for getting your blog website for attracting its visitors to revisit and spare long time for reading your valuable blog. You just read this and make note on important and must to do points for your blog.


There are lots of methods described on internet for earning money online but i will mention only those I tried and succeeded for online earning through blogging.

If you really enjoyed reading this blog and you also would like to know step by step information for making six figure money through blogging then you must also visit my another blog for Earning Money Through Youtube Videos.

How to Earn Through Youtube Videos

Now be attentive to read and study carefully below methods for making your blog website for earning six figure income through blogging.

Method - A

Choose A Topic

In this, you must first collect topics to be written on your blog or website. Till time millions of billions online articles have been written online and this number is increasing day by day. So choose your topic that is the need of current generation.

In this blog the resources focused on how to determine what people in your market consider valuable, how you can create that value.

 Method - B

Making Pillar Article (Best Content Writing)

Content is the foundation of your website or blog for  becoming successful. If you want people to visit your site or blog there should be some reason behind.

Fill your blog or website with the content that is valuable for beginners and for those who are interested in learning from depth of the topic. And you should write one article per day if you surely want to succeed in online money earning through blogging.

Method - C

Derive Traffic To Your Blog Website

The third and most necessary method is to attract visitors to your blog or website. This means you just focus only on traffic after selecting topic and making content. You should use advertisement of your blog website in such a way that it gets a healthy visitors. This method can be done at no cost and no risk, if you want to put in the time and energy to drive traffic yourself. Alternatively you can spend money to have other people help build your traffic, to pay for advertising or publicity campaigns, or to create specific materials you use for marketing.

After this when you succeed in getting a bulk visitors in the form of traffic then you will see your online income will also increase as it is in my earning report as show in this blog. Though, I am not yet recieved but approacing very closely to my goal and you can see My Earning Report.

If you want to link your post then you are most welcome.

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